3D Modeling and Reverse Engineering

MidTenMaker just purchased one of the best Modeling and Reverse Engineering tools available. SpaceClaim. We’re exited to finally be able to bridge the gap between 3D scanning and 3D printing with new solid model design and reverse engineering capabilities.

In the coming months after training and getting familiar with the software we’ll be exited to offer new 3D Modeling services to our customers.




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Ruger LC9 Speed Loader

Worked up this 9mm speed loader in my CAD program and then 3D printed it. Works like a charm. Saves your fingers especially in cold weather.


Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.48.05 PM


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Fidget Spinner

Simple triangle spinner I worked up in CAD and 3D printed over Christmas vac. Uses skateboard bearing and 3 8mm ball bearings.

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3D Print for a show…

My 3D printing claim to fame. Made the little Star Trek like communicator badges for a show called Galaxy Buck by the creators of VeggieTales. A few screen caps from the DVD.






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